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About John Olcott

Jack’s network and personal knowledge of Business Aviation uniquely qualifies him to lead General Aero Company, Inc., a company that leverages the community’s capabilities to address needs of companies with Business Aviation issues. Located at Morristown Municipal Airport, home to many corporate flight departments, General Aero identifies the appropriate solution process, organizes the most qualified solution team, manages the overall effort, and is accountable for agreed-upon results--on time and on budget.

Be a preferred global resource for established and potential users of Business Aviation, through strategic alliances and professional partnerships. 

Provide processes and recommendations that address safety, security and strategic requirements of current and potential users of Business Aviation.  Broker aircraft sales in a professional and timely manor for our clients while providing a win - win outcome for both seller and purchaser. 

Values that reflect our commitment to LISTEN to your concerns, understand your expectations and satisfy your needs.

  • Leverage community resources

  • Include stakeholder participation

  • Satisfy client needs

  • Treat colleagues with respect

  • Ensure professional integrity

  • Nurture productive relationships

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John "Jack" Olcott
Founder and Principal

Possibly the world’s most recognized advocate, if not expert, on the value of Business Aviation, Jack Olcott is leveraging his and the community’s capabilities to address issues facing corporate flight departments and companies interested in the use of general aviation aircraft for business transportation. 

Educated as an Aeronautical Engineer and businessman with BSE and MSE degrees from Princeton University as well as an MBA in general management from Rutgers University and a certificate in leadership training from Harvard University’s School of Government, Jack began his career in Business Aviation with an aviation management company located in the New York City area, earning the position of vice president. His experience includes creating a flight research laboratory at the Indian Institute of Technology/Kanpur, where he also conducted prototype and certification flight tests of aircraft designed by the Indian Department of Civil Aviation Technical Center. As Vice President-Corporate Development and Principal Investigator for a high-tech consulting firm located in Princeton, NJ, he obtained and managed flight mechanics contracts issued by NASA and private industry. 

While remaining active as an advisor to NASA and as a CFII, Jack began a career in aviation journalism in the early 1970s, achieving the position of Editor and Publisher of Business & Commercial Aviation magazine and Vice President within McGraw-Hill’s Aviation Week Group before being recruited as President of the National Business Aviation Association in 1992. 

During his tenure at NBAA, the Association doubled its Membership, tripled its annual revenue and quadrupled its uncommitted funds balance. NBAA’s services to the business aviation community expanded significantly through development of its web site,, facilitation of more than 50 topical e-mail threads, expansion of NBAA’s informational seminars, dramatic growth of the Association’s Annual Meeting & Convention (the world’s largest trade exhibition and informational exchange devoted solely to civil aviation), and creation of business aviation conferences and exhibitions in Europe (EBACE) and Latin America (LABACE) as well as venues for Business Aviation advocacy in Asia. 

In addition to academic credentials, Jack Olcott  has over 8,500 flight hours and holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with LA-25, BE-300, BE-1900, DA-50/900, and CE-500 type ratings.  Jack is a CFI and FIRC Ground Instructor with Century Air  , a CFII in single and multiengine airplanes,  and also holds  glider CFI privileges.  Jack has taught countless students how to fly including his youngest son, Carter, who is an Commercial  / Instrument rated pilot.  Together they share and enjoy flying a 2000 Cessna 182S. 

If all that isn't enough, Jack is also is an approved IS-BAO auditor. 

As the responsible party for all contracts with clients, GAC's President Jack Olcott oversees process management and provides a single point of accountability. He brings clients his extensive knowledge of the Business Aviation community, his proven track record of accomplishment as an aviation leader, his management skills and his unwavering commitment to the value of Business Aviation. 

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