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Aircraft Maintenance, Annual and pre buy Inspections 

General Aero Company partners with Marty Baulk at Martin Aviation, LLC for all maintenance,  annual inspections, and pre buy inspection on new and used aircraft purchases.  Martin Aviation has been in business since 1973 and is trusted A&P shop buy pilots all over the tri- state area.  Based out of Jersey Central Airport, Marty offer professional maintenance service at an affordable hourly rate. 


Every airplane we set out to help pilots purchase or sell will go through a thorough pre buy inspection by Martin Aviation, LLC.  Marty handles all of the travel, inspection, flight test, avionics tests, fairing and delivery of every plane we are highered to broker.  If the plan does not meet Marty's specifications, he will not be shy to recommend that they purchaser does not buy it.  When it comes to maintaining our airplane, General Aero trusts no one but Martin Aviation to keep our C172  airworthy.

Contact us for rates and availability.

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