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Aircraft Brokerage

General Aero specializes in helping pilots purchase and sell airplanes.   Whether you are looking to purchase your first aircraft, or looking to upgrade, we work with you and within your budget to find the best possible option for your money.  We handle all of the communication, paperwork, fund transfers, and pre-buy inspection and closing.  No purchase is to small and no deal is to extensive.  When it comes to buying and selling your aircraft, we are your one stop shop to success.   Contact us to discuss your needs and options to a higher form of travel.

Below are some of the satisfied clients we have helped out so far.

GAC was contacted by Zephyr Aerospace in Bangalore, India to find them a medium size jet that could act as a base platform for their radar nose cone experiment with the Indian Government.  GAC suggested a Hawker 800 based on its robust British design and airframe as well as the ability to outfit a newly engineered nosecone for the project, and hold all 4 crew members and pilots for a 4-6 hour mission.   GAC was able to locate, negotiate and deliver a 1990 Hawker 800 on time and under budget to our Indian clients.  


Our client Dave is a commercial glider instructor with over 2000 hours.  He wanted  to become a Certified Flight Instrument Instructor with a high performance single engine land endorsement.  While providing Dave with the instruction to pass his flight tests to obtain his ratings, we searched and found him a 1988 Beech Bonanza F33A for him to buy and use through out his retirement with his wife and kids. Dave has racked up over 500 hours since his purchase in 2016 and has obtained his CFII rating, which GAC gave him the instruction for.  He and his family are enjoying frequent trips in his F33A from New Jersey to Naples, Florida non stop.   


This particular client had a specific aircraft in mind when he approached GAC help him.  He wanted a 182S model with factory avionics in the aircraft so that he could easily upgrade them to a Garmin package.  We found him a 2000 Cessna Skylane 182S with low hours, perfect maintenance records and in beautiful condition.  Our mechanic was able to fly down to North Carolina,  do the pre-buy inspection,  finalize the paperwork and fly the aircraft back to the new owner, all with a 48 hour turn around.  


When it came time for this client to purchase an airplane, he looked to GAC to find him his beautiful 2005 182T with low hours and G1000 Avionics.    His primary use for the aircraft was to fly back and forth to Maine for business and pleasure.    He wanted an aircraft that he could advance his rating in while having the ease and safety of a glass cockpit.  

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